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Aloe Task – 30 Packets (300g)

Aloe Task is 99.7% PURE, only comes in 10g single use packets Price: 24.8 ($28.06) Purchase now click here

Amni Visnaga Essential Oil

  • Suppresses spasms
  • Relaxes smooth muscle
  • Halts allergic response
  Amni Visnaga is among the most valuable and impressive essential oils in anyone’s collection of therapeutic substances. When steam-inhaled, it is remarkably effective in treating asthma and allergies. Price : USD 8.80 Purchase now click here

Arnica + Turmeric Muscle and Joint Balm

This unique blend of essential oils will awaken your senses and alleviate your minor aches and pains in no time. With cooling Peppermint, energizing Ginger, revitalizing Lemongrass, and pain-relieving Turmeric. Great for stiffness due to Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sprains/Strains, and Extremity pain. This product is safe to use on bruises and mild swelling. Price: USD2.99 - 19.99 Purchase now click here

BeGood’s Advanced Micronutrient Drops (AMD)

Professional athletes put their trust in BeGood’s Advanced Micronutrient Drops (AMD) and are already experiencing the benefits of a powerfully mineralized body. Maximize the health of every cell so each one is an efficient, well-fuelled machine bursting with life, strength, and long-lasting energy!   Price: USD129.95 Purchase now click here

BodyPure2x Detox Foot Pads

  • 2x the active ingredients of any detox pads on the market
  • Benefits: Improve immune system, reduce fatigue & improve quality of sleep
  • Immediate visual results
Price: USD34.95 Purchase now click here

CBD Oil – Starter Strength (10mg/ml | 300mg Total CBD)

Our starter strength CBD oil provides you with 10mg of CBD per ml, which is the equivalent of 300mg of CBD per bottle. We recommend this dosage for those who are just starting out with CBD oil or looking for a lower dose of CBD. This CBD oil is extracted from responsibly grown hemp plants on farms right here in the USA, guaranteeing extracts of the highest quality.   Price: USD79.95 Purchase now click here  

CBD Oil (250 mg)

Size/Volume15 ML
 Total CBD250 mg
 Dose/Serving17 mg / ML
 Product FactsNon GMO
 Recommended UsePlace 0.5 ML – 1 ML under tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing
 IngredientsBroad Spectrum CBD Oil 250 mg,Hemp Seed Oil,Kosher-Grade Vegetable
Price: $45.99 Purchase now click here

CBD Salve [Extra Strength] | nganic

Soothe your skin and revive your body.  Our CBD Salve (also known as Balm) is formulated with an appropriate amount of CBD (cannabidiol), lavender, and eucalyptus oil to provide you the relief you are searching for. Price: USD 129.00 Purchase now click here (Use Code: 25CBD for Free Shipping and 25% of Purchase)

Charlotte’s Web CBD Hemp Extract – Mint Chocolate MCT Oil (200mg – 1500mg CBD per 30mL)

Try Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract Oil in three concentrations: 
  • Original Formula CBD Oil (formerly Everyday Advanced Hemp Extract)- 1500mg CBD per 30mL bottle(50mg CBD per mL)
  • Extra Strength CBD Oil  (formerly Everyday Plus Hemp Extract)- 500mg CBD per 30mL bottle (16.65mg CBD per mL)
  • Hemp Full Strength CBD Oil (formerly Everyday Hemp Extract)- 200mg CBD per 30mL bottle(6.65 mg CBD per mL)
Price: $39.99-$149.99 (varying options) Purchase now click here


  • Digestive Enzyme Supplement W/Probiotic & Prebiotic Enzymes
  • Shelf Stable, Gluten Free, Organic Digestion Aid
  • Relief of Constipation, Bloating, Gas & Abdominal Discomfort…
Price: USD26.99 Purchase now click here

Lalia London Natural Cayenne Arnica Muscle & Pain Balm

  • Contains soothing and warming herbs and essential oils all known to ease the pain, achy muscles, back pain, sports injury, to massage into muscles and joints.
  • 100% Natural Tiger Balm with Arnica, Cayenne Ginger and other botanicals
Price: USD21.20 Purchase now click here