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Our Why

Meaning Eco; (E-Co); abbreviation for ecosystem, to be sustainable to the environment

Vici; (Vi-Chi): Won; “I conquered”

“I was almost not here. In 2015, I was in a coma, on ECMO (life support). I was given last rites, my family told to let me go as doctors said they had done all they could. A prayer blanket was laid on me after my head was shaved and my brain scanned for activity. The prognosis? If I lived, I would probably be in a vegetated state, but that living probably would not happen as I had less than 1% chance of living.

My CO2 level was over 200 (normal is 20-30). My blood was poison to myself. September 26 th, 2015 was my weekend to die. Family and friends came in from all over the world to continue prayers but realistically say “good-bye”. My daughter kept telling everyone I would live, which was treated as a faithful delusion.

This is my “Why Ecovici”. I believe the higher power I believe in encouraged me to eat well, be careful of what I put in my body, on my body, and around my body. This higher power encouraged me to use meditation as a daily vitamin. I believe these are just some of the things that “saved” me in my most critical hour and helped my body to fight so hard against incredible odds and win. Listening was the beginning of my miracle.

I believe that when we all respect the earth and respect our bodies we have a winning symbiotic relationship. There are organisms that share more DNA with us than we knew of, yet they look like plants, This is not a coincidence.

Ecovici was created in mind to provide an option for the consumer to be mindful of this relationship and grow in symbiosis in one’s daily life and activities. Instead of purchasing (this toothpaste with harmful chemicals) purchase (this toothpaste made of organic materials). Making whatever baby step contribution you can to this relationship is mindful living and beneficial for us all. YOU DON”T HAVE TO BE PERFECT. Any little bit helps.

I have handed over my vision to an amazing and capable team who will carry it into the future. It takes a village.

In Mindfulness,



We encourage our consumers to practice mindfulness. Any products we manufacture, we even have them blessed before we send them to market. We are serious about this. as everything has and carries energy. Hopefully it will carry good energy to you and hopefully you will feel it.

To us, a state of mindfulness means living in balance and awareness of your surroundings and how the things you do, and consume affect the world around you.

This leads to thoughtful decisions about various aspects of one’s life, thoughtful choices, and learning everyday how to live the life that you want, enjoy beauty and luxury without over consumption of resources.

Lower your carbon footprint without sacrificing the finer things. We understand It’s a process.


We encourage a community of people sharing and converting to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Our vendor partner brands have been sourced and brought to our eco -community.

Visit our Trunk Show pages and Community to get involved,  gain access to special discounts, pricing, and inside information through our membership subscription.

Connect with other people making mindful changes in life and get resources and share resources of your own worldwide.


Eco-style your life.

Don’t throw away your homestyle, fashion style, or travel style. Recycle everything. Expand.

Mindfulness is always in style.

Join our Community

It takes a village to raise an eco conscious community. We are currently sourcing other brands to feature on our site. If you are an interested vendor, please email us at [email protected]


Read our blogs to hear our thoughts and philosophies. We promise to bring you interesting topics and foods for thought.


Connect to us on Facebook and Twitter. Send us eco-friendly products you love or recommend to others. We would love to hear from you. You can even post questions and answers to the community of consumers on our Trunk page.

Mindful Business

We are always trying to improve our processes and considering our business practices. We constantly evaluate ways to minimize our consumption and business carbon footprint. Some of the ways we do this include not printing individual business cards for our staff but rather promoting e-cards and company wide cards. We also minimize our paper usage by using as much as possible virtual methods for marketing including a virtual press kit.

When it comes to photography we only minimally Photoshop. Some of our photography is completely “organic” too! There are a few which are completely untouched by Photoshop. We look at Photoshop only as a necessary tool to correct mistakes which otherwise would consume more resources to fix. We do not believe in altering a model’s dress size in Photoshop. Our models photographed are between a dress size 4-22 We refuse to photograph models smaller than a size 4


To be considered to join our team. Please keep in mind the following.

What we value in future teammates:

Kindness, Sincerity, Drive yet Empathy

Forward thinkers and collaborators will resonate with our company climate.

Team Eco

Tech Team: Tom, Yazan, Kelsey

Brand Ambassadors: Peera, Rhonda (Mature Demographic)

UK Relations: Pros

Production Crew: Josh

Media/Studios Coordination: Marissa

Marketing Sales Liaison: Isabelle, Maddie

Project Manager: Helen, Ismet, Anthony, Chandan

Doer: EL

Team Eco Reserve

Reserve Tech Team: Alexander, Bryan